Warehouse 31. Scariest haunted house in Florida?

Warehouse 31

Warehouse 31.

A warehouse, turned haunted house, that has it’s own unique history, making it all the more scarier.

I didn’t go last year (I was too busy trying to break the record for most visits to Halloween Horror Nights), but Catie and Stephanie went and they said it was absolutely terrifying. Possibly even scarier than Halloween Horror Nights.

Yeah right, there’s no way! I’ll believe it when I see it.

Obviously, I had to check it out this year and decide for myself what the scariest haunted attraction was in all of Florida. Halloween Horror Nights or Warehouse 31?

After Stephanie’s exercise class, Catie, Stephanie and I rushed home to get ready. Along with Beth and Jason, we piled into the car and drove to the middle-of-nowhere-Saint-Augustine. Literally, we drove down a dirt road that didn’t have any lights and was lined with a bunch of old warehouses. Perfect location for a haunted house…or a serial killer.

Once we parked and bought our tickets, we walked up to the entrance of Rigamortis, the better of the two haunted houses that make up Warehouse 31. Last year there was a two hour wait. This year, since it was a Thursday, there was no wait and therefore, no time to mentally prepare ourselves.

The clown haunted house. We didn't make it in this one.

The five of us entered, yes alone, with no one else even remotely close to us. We were immediately locked inside a room with only one other person, an insane storyteller.

He kept circling us for about five minutes, rambling, screaming and breathing down the back of our necks, while he told us some story, probably about the legend behind the haunted house or something. I wasn’t really paying attention, as it was actually kind of funny and I was trying to not laugh out loud. I was also more concerned with trying to find another way out of the room. Finally, he finished his monologue and unlocked a secret door, forcing us to continue on alone, through what was probably the most most terrifying haunted house I’ve ever been in.

We walked, sprinted and sting-ray shuffled through about twenty different rooms, each one with a new horrific theme, each one equally terrifying, each one with someone ready to attack us and each one of us wondering when it was all going to end?

There were rooms with strobes, pitch black rooms, hallways with strings, dead bodies and who knows what else dangling from the ceiling. There was a room that reeked of defecating material, rooms with people blending into the walls waiting to jump out at us and several rooms with killers yielding chainsaws.

'Scared faces' before entering

A giant spider, a dinosaur and a moveable chair were some of the most unique threats we encountered. For the most part, they were harmless, but the two insane asylum patients who followed us into at least different rooms weren’t. They wouldn’t leave us alone!

The worst part of Warehouse 31 was walking, no squeezing through an inflatable, purely black tunnel that was stuck together. I felt as if I was suffocating and the tunnel never seemed to end. Even worse, the two who are the most claustrophobic were at the back of our group, pushing us through the unescapable, mass of pitch-black, plastic. Yeah, we didn’t really think that one through.

Finally, after screaming, shoving and forcing ourselves to continue through what seemed like hours-worth of a haunted house, we finally, finally, finally made it out. Usually, after going through a haunted house, I want to go back again, to go back and catch everything I missed. But, this time, once was enough for me.

Thumbs up for survival, well for most of us

Well, done Saint Augustine. I’m impressed.

There was so much planning and thought in every single room- nothing had been overlooked. Even the details in all the rooms were impressive. It was like the best of Halloween Horror Nights all rolled into one giant house. A giant, maze of a house that never seemed to end, which we had to walk through all alone.

So what’s the verdict? Halloween Horror Nights or Warehouse 31?

While I think you get more for your money and the experience as a whole is better at Halloween Horror Nights, I’ve never been as terrified in such a short time span, as I was at Warehouse 31. If you have to chose one or the other, Halloween Horror Nights is your best bet, but if you have the time and the money, do both. (Especially if you love Halloween as much as I do!)

Just make sure that if you do go to Warehouse 31, try to bring as many of your friends as you possibly can! Walking through 20 rooms of a haunted house with only one or two people seems a little too scary, even for me!

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