Catchphrase in China

I taught my Chinese co-workers how to play Catchphrase today!

You didn’t think I’d travel all the way to China without bringing a game or two, did you? However, I did take the batteries out of Catchphrase before boarding my flight; I don’t think many people would enjoy the incessant beeping on a 15-hour-long flight.

While Catchphrase is a challenging enough game to play in America, try playing it with three people who don’t speak English as their first language. Describing a waffle was hard enough, imagine trying to explain the phrases ‘spilled milk’ and ‘eat your heart out.’

Betty, Tori and Alex

While we didn’t exactly follow the normal rules, it was still really fun to play. I got to teach them so many new English words and phrases.

Sitting in the office, we took turns passing the game around, each one of us skipping through about 20 words until we could find an easy one to say. It was so cute to watch them try to figure out how to describe a word, they were so focused and determined.

It also was pretty funny. Especially when Alex pointed to the white part of my hat to describe ‘bread’.

Eventually the game turned into them just selecting different words for me to explain. Entertaining and educational! Although, I’m still trying to figure out the Chinese translation for ‘Weenie Roast.’

Catchphrase: It’s the life of the party, no matter what country your in.

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