Al Fresco-ing in Shanghai

Last month’s Urban Eyes was all about outdoor dining: rooftops, patios, terraces, grass you can actually graze on (park police will whistle you off the green at certain spots). Since I’ve been slacking on my personal site, thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and post my Al Fresco guide here. Plus a few favorites that didn’t make the list: Barbarossa, Coconut Paradise and supposedly the new Blend is pretty good too!

So if you’re in Shanghai and looking for a fun spot to get loaded, everything you need to know, can be found right here. And if you have any extra’s you’d like to see make the list, just comment below!

Plus stay tuned for my new ‘Friday Find’ where I’ll post quick entries every Friday about some of my favorite things, places and discoveries around Shanghai (I have to stick with this blog one way or another!).

Comments, Questions, Advice, Fun Facts?

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