Friday Find: What should we call me, Shanghai?

GIF’s are all the rage. See here.

We can all relate to many, many on the list, but aren’t they all just a little bit funnier, when they’re a little more personal? Like catered directly to your home city for example? Like catered directly to Shanghai, where everything is already backwards as it is?

Yes, it’s finally happened. There is now a ‘What should we call me’ for Shanghai.

‘When the masseuse touches my butt,’ ‘When Sherpa’s stops delivering due to bad weather,’ ‘When I hear a ladle against a wok in the distance…’ Oh we’d know that sweet, sweet chaotic clang anywhere.

If you plan on heading to Shanghai and definitely if you have lived here, check out Wuluwu.   Warning: Will waste time.

‘Why we’re banned from VUE Bar’


One thought on “Friday Find: What should we call me, Shanghai?

  1. Man, I’d love this if it weren’t for the name. Wulumuqi/Wuyuan is where our family home is and where I spent my summers; I’ve slowly watched it go from Shanghainese to crawling with expats. I feel like an old woman yelling Get off our lawn! *shakes fist*

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