Growing up with two parents in the military, Lauren should have received a passport instead of a birth certificate. She’s now on her own journey, writing in China and traveling as frequently as possible. She enjoys photographing the world from a distance, is always on the hunt for the next great outdoor adventure, and loves cozy coffee shops, rooftops and cereal. She also has a knack for misplacing things (including herself!), which leads to some pretty hilarious stories.


About thehoghiehub:

Originally, I intended this site to be a hub for all of my past journalism projects. An easy way to find not only articles I’ve written, but several videos I’ve shot and edited, as well.

Agreeing to a New Year’s Resolution of taking one photo a day and blogging about it, thehoghiehub transformed into more of a daily blog about, well, life in general.

Since graduating in May of 2010, I realized that more than anything, I wanted to travel.

A little waiting and a lot of internet searches later, I postponed my journalism career to teach English in Wenzhou, China, a place that is rarely mentioned online. Two weeks in and I already had an infatuated Chinese boy following me, almost lost my wallet with everything in it and was being transported (for visa purposes) to a city that was sitting on a temperature of -4 degrees. Not to mention I was trying to learn how to ‘teach English,’ something I’d never actively done before. To say I had no idea what I was getting myself into is quite an understatement.

Soon enough, I’d adapted to my new surrounding and as I did, so did my blog. Since moving to the Middle Kingdom, Thehoghiehub is now more or less a ‘travel blog,’ or rather a blog filled with my stories and tips from traveling. As I continue my journey into the unknown (at least for me), I invite you to follow along while I learn, grow and discover not only myself, but the rest of the world.

Follow your heart; it will lead you to happiness.

4 thoughts on “About

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  2. You, just like me, are going to be just fine my dear. There is no way that we could end up living just an ordinary life. We are too driven to let that happen. One day we will look back on our struggles and laugh, and realize that it was just a stepping stone to get us were we wanted to be! :)

  3. This is really interesting, I am actually going to teach in Wenzhou very soon and I am starting my travels after my teaching. Did you teach at English First yourself? I am hoping to start my blog very soon too, thanks for writing! :)

    • Hey Scott,

      No I actually worked at Aston, but had a lot of friends at English First! Good luck with your trip!


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